Everyone is touched by breast cancer in some way.

Whether it’s a family member or friend, coworker or neighbor, everyone knows someone who has, or had, the disease. Thankfully, early detection and advances in medicine make it a curable disease in a large percentage of cases.

However, that’s not good enough. We want to eliminate it entirely. That’s the reason we wholeheartedly support the American Cancer Society. As a leader in the fight to end breast cancer, and it is a fight, the American Cancer Society is there to provide support to patients, fund research, and sponsor its annual walk to raise the money that assists in financing the fight.


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Why We Support the American Cancer Society

Multi Media Promotions raises money each year to help support the annual fundraising campaign through our Slev's Boob Patrol team. Our reason is personal and heart-felt. CEO Beth Levine’s daughter, Samantha, beat breast cancer twice before she turned 30.

In Sam's own words, "I choose to refer to myself as a 2 Time Champion, rather than a 2 Time Survivor. Beating breast cancer twice before the age of 30 makes me feel extremely FORTUNEate and like a champion, not a survivor."

Supporters like MMP hope this disease will be conquered soon. In the meantime, MMP is doing its part to ensure the diagnosis of breast cancer is more manageable through the education and patient services it’s helping fund. 

Every year MMP donates a portion of their profits to Slev's Boob Patrol Team to support the American Cancer Society.

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2022  Lots of love and support from our Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Group


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